1. What is the purpose of this FAQ document?
2. Who are all the parties involved in this insurance program?
3. Where can I find quick information about this insurance?
4. What benefits does this plan offer and what are its limits?
5. What are 'travel medical risks'?
6. What qualifies as an emergency health issue?
7. Where does the insurance cover me?
8. When does the coverage begin and end?
9. Does coverage continue if I travel outside of the U.S. (but not to my home country) after my WISE program is over?
10. There are two different deductibles. How do they work?
11. Do I have to make any co-payments after I have paid the deductible?
12. What does 'in-network' and 'out-of-network' mean?
13. How do I locate a nearby In-Network medical provider?
14. How does CAMBRIDGE ADMINISTRATORS handle my claims?
15. How do I make a claim under this policy?
16. What is the Claim Questionnaire?
17. What should I do if I have a medical emergency?
18. What is the difference between a hospital emergency room and an urgent care center?
19. Can I see a list of doctors or urgent care centers near me now, before I need one?
20. What should I do if I am hurt at my host company?
21. Will the insurance cover me if I am in a car accident and I’m the driver?
22. I think I am already insured for my medical expenses while on the program. What happens then?
23. What is covered under the Medical Expense benefit?
24. What is NOT covered under the Medical Expense benefit?
25. What must I do if I need to get non-emergency surgery?
26. Does the insurance pay for my expenses up-front, or do I need to pay and submit a claim for reimbursement?
27. What is the HIPAA consent form?
28. How much coverage is available for Emergency Medical Evacuation and how does it work?
29. If I have to go to a hospital, will CAMBRIDGE ADMINISTRATORS give them a payment deposit so that I can be admitted?
30. What should I do if I have to pay medical costs up front and need to make a claim?
31. What information should I take with me if I need to go to a doctor’s office or urgent care center or hospital?
32. Does the insurance cover prescription drug charges?
33. What is the difference between the Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit and the Medical Repatriation benefit?
34. How does Medical Repatriation work?
35. What is the Return of Mortal Remains benefit?
36. How does the Accidental Death benefit work? What is Dismemberment?
37. What kind of dental coverage is provided?
38. How are benefits paid for permanent disability?
39. What is the Emergency Reunion Benefit?
40. I like to play sports. Are sports covered under the insurance?
41. What are some of the exclusions to coverage under this insurance?