WISE® Programs

WISE® is a non-profit organization providing international exchange opportunities to students, youth and adults.

If you have questions or you wish to participate in any WISE® programs you can begin your enrollment by contacting the National Office in Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA.

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Work & Travel (J-1 Program)

Spend your college or University Summer Holidays working in the United States! Participants are placed in locations throughout the United States in Amusement Parks, Resorts, Tourist Destinations, Ski resorts, and more. WISE® provides positions with affordable housing, orientation, outstanding support. Join us for a summer to remember!

Internship and Training (J-1 Program)

Move ahead in your career! The WISE® Training and Internship Programs provide practical on-the-job training for students and graduates from around the world. Participants develop skills and knowledge to enhance their career, facilitating their professional development as well as their international understanding. Host companies benefit by bright motivated trainees and interns, eager to learn and contribute.

University Homestay Programs
International students experience one semester or year at an American University while living with a host family. Learn about the US culture by living it. Develop life long friendships and a global perspective by hosting! WISE® University programs offer unique cross-cultural experiences for international participants and their U.S. hosts.

Group and Individual Homestay Programs

Spend unforgettable weeks as a member of an American family while improving your English and experiencing what the region has to offer. Programs are available for individuals and groups. Custom programs are developed for special interests groups in communities around the country. As an individual, or as a school or community, homestay programs can build international relations for years to come.

Farm and Ranchstay Program
Experience rural life in the wide open spaces of American Farms and Ranches. A perfect opportunity for the participant looking to broaden their perspective on the heritage of the US. From small hobby farms with a few horses and crops, to organic farms and large ranches with hundreds or thousands of animals, the chance to participate in the daily activities of farm or ranch life will be a lifelong memory.

Agricultural Internship and Training (J-1 Program)

If you are looking for a career in Agriculture, WISE® offers participants the opportunity to work in the field. Participants will not only experience life on the farm, but they will also learn about the technology and equipment used in the industry.

High School Program

The Academic Year Program offers high school students an academic and cross-cultural experience. Students between the ages of 15 and 18 live in an American family and gain insight and understanding of American culture and lifestyle, while attending high school in the United States.

Volunteer Program

Put your helping hand to work in your host community and build bridges with your host family and community. WISE® volunteer participants have donated thousands of hours of their personal time, leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities that have opened their doors to host them.

Academic Year Abroad Program

American students build friendships and gain an understanding of another culture while spending one semester or year at a high school in Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Germany or Japan.