What Employers should know about the work & travel program.

WISE® Work & Travel Program matches your company with highly motivated university and college students from around the world and provides them with the authorization and support they need to be a valuable part of your seasonal team.

Benefits of Working with WISE® to Recruit Seasonal Employees

Thoroughly pre-screened candidates.

The option to be actively involved in the applicant interviewing process.

Working with a Department of State designated sponsor of the Summer Work and Travel Program that handles the complete visa application process.

Open and consistent communication between your company and WISE®.

WISE® site visits during the program.

Time saving measures through mass recruiting.

WISE® organized participant health insurance.

Reduced worker turnover.

Added international prospective.

Employee Availability

Spring Program: March – July (4 month maximum)

Students arrive as early as March 1 and work as late as July 5.

Participants are from the Philippines.

Summer Program: May – October (4 month maximum)

Students arrive as early as mid-May and as late as early July.

Participants generally are from the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter Program: December – April (4 month maximum)

Students arrive from early to mid-December.

Participants generally are from the Southern Hemisphere.

Host Employer Requirements

To become a host employer for J-1 participant you will need to:

Enter into a Host Employer Agreement with the WISE® Foundation

Provide written job offers

Provide WISE® with a copy of your business license

Provide WISE® with workers compensation documentation

Provide WISE® with photos of employee housing

If you are interested in hosting WISE® Work & Travel Exchange Visitors, please email employers@wisefoundation.com

Current WISE® employers can login here.


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