WISE® J-1 designated programs in Internship and Training offer young professionals a chance to expand their career through a structured learning environment. WISE® sponsors professional development programs in business, hospitality and tourism and agriculture. WISE® is proud to serve a diverse group of individuals interested in the benefits of international exchange programs.

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train pic 1Internship (J-1 Program)

The WISE® J-1 Internship program offers international students and recent graduates an opportunity to obtain work-based experience in the field of their education. The program exposes participants to American techniques, methodologies and expertise, while enhancing the intern’s knowledge of American culture and society.

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train pic 2Training (J-1 Program)

The WISE® Training Program has been developed to allow international participants to pursue training in their area of study or occupation in order to improve their knowledge of American management techniques, methodologies and expertise, while enhancing their knowledge of American culture.

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