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The WISE® Foundation is a global leader in developing and managing programs that promote international cultural exchanges. We have enabled tens of thousands of international students to travel to the United States so that they can experience a new culture, develop new friends, improve their language  skills, and share their culture with their hosts and others in the schools and communities in which they live.

Drawing on this successful track record of promoting international understanding and fellowship, WISE® now offers a program of international study and cultural exchange tours that will provide Americans with the same opportunity to experience a new culture. At present, we offer these exciting education program:

To learn more about participating in one of these tours please contact wise@wisefoundation.com

The Australia Agriculture and Study Tour

Australia is a major agriculture power. Farmers, ranchers, and grazers control 60% of the nation’s land mass, producing wheat, barley, sugarcane, fruits; cattle, sheep, and poultry. The nation is a leading export of agricultural commodities to a growing Asian market.

Participants in this program will be exposed to a cross section of agriculture, meeting both producers and exporters. Just as important, participants will come to know farm families and the communities in which they live.

While the focus will be on agriculture, the tour also will visit the world class city of Sydney, known for its opera house, beaches, and cosmopolitan environment. And, of course, participants will see the continent’s unique wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabys, emus, and koala bears.

The Cuban Agriculture and Study Tour

Once off limits to most Americans, the WISE® Foundation gained experience in this fascinating nation by leading educational tours approved by the U.S. State Department. While recent improvements in the diplomatic relations between the two countries make travel easier, participating in a WISE® sponsored tour means you will benefit from the foundation’s experience and established relationships.

Cuba is well known for its sugar and tobacco crops, and rightly so, but it also is a world leader in sustainable and organic agricultural. On the tour you will meet with leading producers of sugar and tobacco, and also visit sustainable and organic agricultural operations, including one selected for inclusion in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

As part of this tour you will enjoy Cuba’s historic architecture and witness Cuba’s ongoing transition to an economy that relies less on central planning. And no visit to Cuba would be complete without a visit to a historic “Ole Havana” and world famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba, host to dignitaries such as Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, and Frank Sinatra.

Ireland Equine and Cultural Tour

What Scotland is to golf, Ireland is to the steeplechase. For horse aficionados, particularly for fans of jumpers, nothing compares visiting to many of Ireland’s legendary stud farms, meeting with world class trainers, and even go through the countryside on a sensible Irish horse and, should you choose, over cross country fences. Highlights will include a visit to the Irish National Stud and the Horseracing Museum of Ireland.

You will delve deep into Irish culture as well, beginning your tour will dinner in The Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest pub dating back to the 12th Century. Have a pint where James Joyce, Jonathan Swift and revolutionary Michel Collins once imbibed. Later on your visit will pay a visit to the famous Tullamore Dew Distillery, take a leisurely ride through the Connemara countryside on the famous Connemara Pony, and visit the Cliffs of Moher.

While this tour features an exciting schedule, it also allows for substantial time to tour on foot, drop into to pubs to meet with the locals, and shop.

Ireland Horticulturists Tour

What better destination for horticulturalists than a nation with rolling, green hills and lush landscapes that led it to be known as The Emerald Isle. Ireland truly is a dream destination for horticulturalists. The nation’s temperate maritime climate marked by cool summers and mild winters it perfect is the perfect environment for some of the world’s finest gardens.

Joining this tour means you not only will visit these wonderful gardens, but also meet with the experts responsible for their pristine condition. Draw upon their expertise to improve your skills upon your return to the states. The tour will include Dublin’s Phoenix Park, a visist to County Kildare and the Japanese Garden and St. Fiachras’ Garden and a visit to County Wicklow for the Kilmacurrah Botanic Garden followed by a trip to Powerscourt.

Among other sites, you will visit the Millennium Arboretum, home to more than 1,000 types of tress, and the Bull Island UNESCO Biosphere. There also will be ample time to experience and enjoy Ireland’s food and fun, including a trip to the historic Guinness Brewery.

Switzerland Agricultural Study Tour

Does your interest lie in learning more about family farms? Would you like to enjoy beauty of the Alp? If so, the Swiss Agricultural Tour is for you.

Agriculture is so important to Switzerland that it is included in the Swiss Constitution. It plays a dual role – providing food and protecting the nation’s rural environment. Farm average about 52 acres in size, with one-quarter of farm land nationwide devoted to grain, fruits, and vegetables. Meadows and pastures account for the other 75%. While Switzerland is well known for its dairy industry (and products such as cheese and milk chocolate), there are about as many hogs and cattle. There also is a robust chicken population.

On this tour, you will spend your first six days at a Swiss agricultural college and tour agricultural operations as part of a group. The balance of your tour will be spent at host farms where you will get to know a Swiss farm family by joining in farming operations.

As a bonus, Switzerland is a great place to visit if you want to practice your French, German, or Italian. All three are official languages.


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