Internship and Training Program

WISE® J-1 Internship and Training offer young professionals a chance to expand their career through a structured learning environment.

WISE® sponsors professional development programs in:

Arts & Culture
Hospitality & Tourism
Information media & Communications
Management, Business, Commerce & Finance

WISE® is proud to serve a diverse group of individuals interested in the benefits of international exchange programs.

The J-1 Training program and the J-1 Internship program have some similarities and some differences. Please refer to the chart below to see which program may be right for you. Contact WISE® if you have any questions about which program best fits your interests and qualifications.

J-1 Visa CategoryInternshipTraining
Program DurationUp to 12 months maximumUp to 12 months maximum for most programs in the fields of hospitality and tourism
Participant Eligibility
Only for current students or those who have graduated within 12 months.

Must have completed at least one academic year.

Internship must be related to field of study.

Must verify sufficient level of English through interview.
Participants must have at least 12 months relevant work experience in addition to a degree or certificate from an accredited school, or must have five years of related work experience outside of the United States.

Must verify sufficient level of English through interview.
Program Eligibility
Supervisory or management training strongly recommended, but may be a concurrent rotation.Managerial or supervisory training required.
Application process
4-6 weeks WISE® processing4-6 weeks WISE® processing
Repeat Participation
Allowed as long as participant eligibility requirements are met and intern has returned to overseas school to continue studies at a higher level.Allowed as long as participant eligibility requirements are met, and participant is outside of the United States for at least two years prior to re-entering for the second training program.

Internship (J -1 Program)

The WISE® J-1 Internship program offers international students and recent graduates an opportunity to obtain work-based experience in the field of their education. The program exposes participants to American techniques, methodologies and expertise, while enhancing the intern’s knowledge of American culture and society.

Training (J-1 Program)

The WISE® Training Program has been developed to allow international participants to pursue training in their area of study or occupation in order to improve their knowledge of American management techniques, methodologies and expertise, while enhancing their knowledge of American culture.


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