WISE® Homestay Services- UC Davis and Northern California Campuses

Homestay with a United States Family

Homestay with a United States family is a great way for students to practice English, learn about United States culture, participate in the daily life of a family, share meals at home, and to make new friends. Participating in a homestay coordinated through WISE® provides you with a carefully selected, and screened host family, familiar with the requirements and responsibilities to make the experience a positive learning and living experience for you and their family members.

WISE® Support Services ensure that you receive personal support throughout your stay with your host including:

  • Selected host families, well screened and accessible to your school
  • Full orientation materials provided by WISE®
  • Complete placement information sent to you in advance, detailing information about your host
  • Ongoing support by the local WISE® staff including scheduled meetings as well as by phone and e-mail.
  • Facilitation of a detailed outlining your responsibilities as well as those of the host family for your protection as well as that of the host family.

WISE® Host Families

WISE® Host families represent many different backgrounds each one can offering a unique homestay experience. Some families are very traditional (for example, a mom/dad/2 kids, single moms or dads with kids) and give students the experience of having a “family” in the United States; other families are very unique and independent and offer students an experience that is more like having housemates rather than a family environment. Both are great environments and it just depends on the kind-of experience a student is wishes to have.


The costs for homestay are as follows:

Homestay placement fee (one-time fee which is paid directly to WISE®)
$325 for programs 5-10 weeks long
$225 for program 4 weeks and under;
Continuation Fee — if you decide to stay longer than one term, there is also a $100 continuing fee for each additional term
Host Family Stipend – a nightly fee paid directly by the student to their host family

Note: If your organization is interested in a homestay program for a custom group in cooperation with one of the local campuses we serve, WISE® is glad discuss your needs and present a proposal. The fees listed above do not apply to custom group programs. To learn more information about our custom group program services please e-mail your request to: shannon@wisefoundation.com

To Apply

If you are ready to apply for a homestay placement please download the following forms and complete them:

Please send the completed forms back to WISE® via fax or e-mail. If you choose, you may also pay your placement fee by check, cash or money order – (all funds payable in USD). Payment for placement fees is due in full prior to WISE® releasing your homestay placement information to you.

To download PDF Files:

Our forms are downloadable, viewable, and printable in a PDF format which is accessible through the free application called adobe acrobat. If your computer does not already have the ability to view these PDF files, please go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat in order to download the correct version for your system.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information. We look forward to assisting you with your homestay needs!